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The Arborist Quick Release Kit is designed for single person operation when facing a major trauma injury when working on their own or in a difficult working position.

The kit can fit on belt, a bag or other form of webbing and features a quick release cord, which when pulled brings the contents of the bag to the top of the bag enabling easy access to the contents of the kit.

The kit comes complete with:

1 x pair of 17.5cm Tuffcut clothing shears
1 x Rescue Whistle
1 x PHC cutter for safely releasing webbing or clothing
1 x SOF Military Tourniquet (CAT Tourniquet available as an option)

Finally, the two kits are supplied with :

CM0070 - a 15cm Emergency Bandage which can apply significant pressure to the wound to prevent excessive bleeding
CM0071 - Our Cuteeze 3.7m x 7.5cm Haemostatic Dressing, for those trained in the use of Haemostatic dressings, ideal for all major trauma injuries

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