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• The Lifeline Auto defibrillator is a one-button defibrillator which analyses the heart rhythm and will automatically deliver shocks without intervention
• It features clear voice instructions to help with the entire process from how to position the pads to when to perform CPR between shocks.
• Simple one-button operation ensures the user simply needs to turn the unit on and the device does the rest
• The standard Lifeline Defibrillator Battery (approx. 5 years) is capable of performing 125 defibrillator shocks or 8 hours of continuous operation
• Proven by independent studies to be the one of the easiest AED’s for use by untrained operators
• 8-year manufacturer’s warranty including free software upgrades in line with resuscitation guidelines
• Tested to military standards, making the AEDs extremely robust and durable
• Complete daily, weekly and monthly self-tests to ensure the units are always ‘rescue ready’ and require no maintenance
• Clear voice instructions, including CPR coaching to further simplify the rescue for responders

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