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The CLICK MEDICAL® Hygiene station is made out high quality reinforced steel has an easily wipeable coating that facilitates a quick cleaning process.

The simple 5 step process to use the station is labelled up at each point of the station, making it easy for anyone to use.

Step 1 – Sanitise your hands. Using our hygienic elbow pump you are able to dispense the hand sanitising product without worries that you are touching contaminated areas.

Step 2 – Put on a pair of gloves. This little attachment enables you to insert a box of protective disposable gloves that can be removed without the need to touch anything else like the box or holder.

Step 3 – Put on a mask. Simply take a mask out of this area and put it on.

Step 4 – Wipe down the hygiene station. Using the paper provided (and a little sanitiser if required) the station can be wiped down by the user ensuring it is ready for the next user.

Step 5 – Bin your rubbish. Utilising the handy bin at the bottom of the station rubbish can be disposed of.

• Dimensions 194cms x 38 cms x 38cms

• Contents to fill stand not included.

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